Why Trapper John?

After decades in the Pest & Wildlife Control Industry, "Trapper John" McPartland realized what he loved most about his job: Helping others with the knowledge, education and experience he had developed over the years. After many years in the industry, he realized that more than fearing nuance wildlife, people fear the unknown, and that fear was causing many of them to overpay for unnecessary services to ease their panic.  Working in the industry and being a homeowner himself, he knew that wasn't how he would want to be treated when calling someone for help, so he set the standard of treating your home as if it was his own.  John's perpetual goal is to use his decades of experience and ongoing education to diagnose the pest problem at hand, find a solution and work with you to prevent it from reoccuring in the future.

Many companies will try to upsell you with unnecessary monthly services, yet most times it's not a monthly service or annual contract needed when it's noises in your attic causing you sleepless nights.  Working together with you, John will find and apply the right solution for the situation.  Safe, conscientious, reliable and affordable services that provide you peace of mind are the defining principles of Trapper John. 


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