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Some people have a job they go to, whereas others have a true passion for what they do - John "Trapper John" McPartland definitely has a passion for the Pest & Wildlife Control Industry. A United States Marine Corps Veteran, John entered the Pest & Wildlife Control Industry over twenty years ago, founding his own company Trapper John LLC in 2015 so that he may better serve others. To ensure the ability to provide a broad range of services, he maintains licensing in multiple areas of Pest Management, including QAL (Qualified Applicators), SPCB (Structural Pest Control Board), Dept of Fish & Wildlife Trapping License, and of course, a Hunting License. He has maintained a very loyal clientele over the years by genuinely caring about each of his clients and their needs. His goal is to not only help you eliminate unwanted pests, but show you how to protect your property and to save on unnecessary services.

Contact us if you need our wildlife exclusion service or are dealing with problems caused by a nuisance wildlife species and you want them solved. You can reach us by calling (408) 623·4196


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